Comercializacion Selecta” bases its activity on the meat trade and the slaughter of cattle for meat and slaughterhouses, from calves to young cattle. We provide young male and female pastero from 5 months to 5 (years) destined to fatten for meat.

We offer males, heifers and cows of “pure race” (limousine, charoles, etc) from all over Europe for breeding of high genetics of cattle destined for meat. They are also part of our offer: Males and females fattened for slaughter and for export, live and in channel to countries outside the European Union.



Comercializacion Selecta” is a company recognized for its sheep export services. We have years of experience in the selection and export of quality livestock.

We work with the best ovine farms and commercial operators in Spain, selecting the best quality animals for export to different parts of the world.

Our main export line are:

-Export of quality live sheep (between 65-80 kilos)

-Export of excellent live lambs (between 15-35 kilos)

– Sale of quality sheep carcasses (sheep slaughtered whole without chopping, refrigerated and frozen).

-We export sheep to all parts of the world. Both sacrificed and alive. The sheep breeds that we commercialize are Lacone, Merina, Assaf, Awassy.

All animals will have the identification and documentation that the authorities of the country of destination require.


Over the last few years we have been developing our position in the European swine industry at full speed, with a focus on piglets and pigs for meat trade in Europe.

“Selective marketing” is a regular provider of healthy piglets. Our most important objective is to provide piglets of excellent health. We carefully monitor the health status of our piglets and respect the highest standards in the industry in everything that concerns animal health.

Our clients are informed in detail about the state of health, the feeding strategy, the housing as well as the medication that the animals received in the past.

Comercializacion Selecta” is a reliable supplier of high quality pork and pork that for many years has been a reliable partner for our farmers in the sale of meat pigs throughout Europe. Our customers value the fact that we can supply them again and again with the same quality they expect. Our wide network of collaborators allows us to satisfy any type of demand.


Thanks to the experience that gives us the years we have in the field of professional livestock trade, and in order to ensure a high quality feed for dairy cows and beef cattle producer, “Comercialización Selecta” extends its commercial offer to the next products:



-Food mix (mixed forage)

-Sorgo (Sudangrass)

Comercializacion Selecta” has a review, transport and distribution process guaranteeing competitive prices for its clients.

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