“Comercialización Selecta” is a company specialized in the import and export of live animals.

We work with expert farmers, we buy and sell cattle, pigs and sheep. As the market leader in livestock trade, we guarantee quality and service.

“· Select marketing” offers a comprehensive solution that combines efficiency and agility, as well as guaranteeing quality and attention to both the customer and the animals. Our objective is to expand our knowledge in the continuous evolution of the market.

“Comercialización Selecta” is born from a work experience of approximately forty years. Experience and knowledge transmitted from parents to children. The company today has become a leader in the livestock trade thanks to the recognized trust of its network of suppliers and customers.

“Comercialización Selecta” operates throughout Europe, mainly in the markets of: Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, etc. The company has an efficient logistics process and a focus on quality where animal welfare is the first objective thanks to its network of partners in the logistics sector.



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